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A customers journey to recover lost data…

The following article was kindly sent in from Marianne Hall of Cambridge Pain Therapy ( She shares the circumstances of her data loss and the subsequent data recovery journey…

I have just moved house and, first things first, I removed my ‘security blanket’ possessions from the boot of my car whilst waiting for the removal van to arrive: laptop, hard drives, tablet, phone charger, jewellery, camera and photographs albums! Everything seemed ‘OK’ and I’d found most things and by the evening I was checking emails. I plugged my hard drive in to send some attachments for my work and it coughed a bit, thought about it a bit longer and, finally, gave me access. This got progressively worse over the next couple of days and, to my horror, on one of the most frantic days since the move, my hard drive failed. Nothing. Kaput.

I kept leaving the desk and making a coffee… unpacking the odd box… only to return to discover that the hard drive had definitely failed. That moment of realisation that I might have lost the backed-up contents of 4 old PCs, photos of my children as babies and in their growing years, my grandchildren, my late husband and all the wonderful memories that were captured on film… all gone. That’s aside from my entire iTunes library (over 500 CDs worth) and half-written books including a family history. So I went to bed and slept on it… hoping, upon hope, that my dearly beloved hard drive would come to life again and give me what I wanted: access.

Now I’m waffling so I’ll come to the point: at a time like this, when we feel truly devastated at our ‘loss’ of memories, efforts, records of hard work and achievements, we are inconsolable. I phoned around several companies – all promising the world but with huge expense quoted right at the beginning of each conversation. Then… I was recommended to try Falcon Data Recovery.

On the other end of the phone was a calm, collected, intelligent person who waited until I’d finished my explanation of my whole saga and then gave me a very reassuring action plan. Adam, owner of Falcon, didn’t promise the earth but did talk me through how he would collect my hard drive, what would happen to it (including a journey to the special data laboratory) and surgery would begin to try and discover what had happened to the drive and whether it could be fixed but most importantly, whether data could, finally, be retrieved.

He was upfront as to cost, highlighting the fixed price recovery charges. I was happy but I was impatient, desperate to find out what had caused the drive to fail. Adam came back to me within 24 hours, explaining the ‘mechanics’ of the failure.

He had already started a global search for the spare part required and after what seemed an exhausting task, Adam finally located the ‘replacement drive head’ in Berlin. He told me to be patient. I waited but kept phoning – hoping that it would be a quick fix. It took a few days but it was worth it as the combined efforts of the Falcon team managed to retrieve, after these challenges, all of my data… all of that precious lot of photos, documents, memoires. I was so grateful that when I got the ‘we’ve done it’ phone call, I just wept with relief.

In summary, I’m still in awe at just what Adam and Falcon Data Recovery achieved. Nothing short of a spectacular level of service – all delivered in a modest way with very reasonable pricing. I will never forget how I felt at the ‘loss’ and how wonderful it felt to have a new hard drive with all my irreplaceable data on. Now… should I back up the ‘back up’?

Marianne Hall
26th October 2021

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